Articles & Advertisements Deadlines:

Jan 20th for the Winter Edition (release date Feb 1st)
April 20th for the Spring/Moab Edition (release date May 1st)
July 20th for the Summer Edition (release date Aug 1st)
Oct 20th for the Fall/Conference Edition (release date Nov 1st)

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Size & Costs
Printed 8.5"x11" - Ads are reduced slightly to give  1/4" margin and are roughly:

1/8 Page or Business Card - Member $25 or Non-Member $30
1/4 Page or  5.5"x4.25" - Member $50 or Non-Member $60
1/2 Page or 5.5"x8.5" - Member $75 or Non-Member $90
Full Page or 8.5"x11" - Member $100 or Non-Member $120

November 2018 Print